Our Cattery


My name is Natalia Khomiak. I am a loving woman for my husband, a loving mother for my children, and a main leader in a big cats pride.

Our Siberian cattery Manchzhury was established in 2005 in Vladivostok. We have been breeding more than 10 years already! Then we moved to Voronezh city in a middle of Russia. Manchzhury cattery has registered first at Assolux (Certificate), then at IFA (Cerfiticate), at WCF (Ceftificate) and finally at FIFE (Certificate). Our cattery specialized in breeding Traditional Siberian Cats only.

All began in 2003 at one cold winter evening when our father brought to our home in Vladivostok, Russian Far-East young female - whiskered, striped, with fluffy as at squirrel tail. She was young but self-esteemed female... Father had been looking at her long time before brought to home. She stayed at the same place close to our home for several days waiting for someone. It's hard to say now whom she was waiting for - maybe that who lost her, maybe that who threw her out... She immediately became a favorite in our home. It's even became warmer in home with her. She always took part in all children's games. She carefully observed as I cooked lunch. She resemble a dog in her behavior - the same faithful and loyal as a dog. Then it was a procedure of certification. And Vasilisa became a Siberian Cat in pedigree. She gave a birth several famous graduates, which you can see at the page Our graduates. Long years ago we purchased an female in the cattery Sibirskoye Knyazhestvo - Agafya. In 2009 Vasilisa gave a birth to our new female - Duymovochka Manchzhury. In 2010 Vasilisa gave a birth to new female - Zhemchuzhina Manchzhury. Then we bought a new breebing female - Angelur Bazilika of Manchzhury. You can see all our breeding cats on the page Breeding animals. At the begining of breeding only females lived with us at our home. All our males lived at their own homes. Now we have both males and females in our home but separated from each other.

Sometimes people ask a question about what does Manchzhury name mean? Manchzhuria is a region at the Russian Far-East where our Cattery were established (Vladivostok).

There are no unified opinion about an origin of a siberian breed - no exact place and so on. Some sourсes told that siberian cats came from Siberia and Russian Far-East. Due to it we called our cattery Manchzhury.

Today the cattery Manchzhury is a collective cattery which is included more than 15 members. All cattery members follow the policy that accumulated day by day - there are the inviolable rules that we all hold on to. I thankful to the fortune which introduced me with such a wonderful people!!! You can meet them at the page Breeders of the cattery.