Standard of Siberian breed


The Siberian Cat standard is the key instrument when working with the breed.

There is a scale score, it states the most important characteristics for the Siberian breed.

First of all it is cat's type (30 points). The Siberian cat is a sturdy cat with a powerful boning and muscle tone on the strong legs of medium length. What kind of legs Siberians have! To run on any snow on such legs is fun! If you look at the Siberian cat from the side, her body is shaped like a rectangle, but not stretched. If you hold on your hands the "right" Siberian cat – you will know: it's even heavier than it seems.

The head of the Siberian cats is in a good proportion to the body (25 points). Form of a head looks like a short, wide, inverted trapezoid with a conditional vertex on the chin.

The chin is broad, strong, but not protruding. The upper part of the head between the ears is flat.

The forehead is slightly arched.

The nose is equally broad from the base to the nose leather.

The contours are gently rounded, the profile slightly curved.

The ears are of medium size, broad at the base with a slightly rounded tip. They are set wide apart and slightly tilted forwards.

The eyes of a Siberian (10 points) are large, slightly oval and rounded at the lower edge, set slightly oblique and wide apart.

Eye color shall be even and fit harmoniously to the coat color. All shades from yellow/golden to green are permitted.

The fourth important point in the description of the Siberian cats is its fur coat (20 points). The coat quality is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Siberian breed. Uppercoat is hard, shiny, water repellent, extends from the shoulder blades of the croup, down to the sides and top of the tail. Undercoat is double, rich, thick and dense in the cold season, and much less of quantity in warm season. The coat is particularly long on the neck, on the chest, at the trousers and on the tail. The decorative hair is long and thick as a full mane and a collar.

Colors of Siberians have allowed everything except chocolate, lilac, Burmese, Abyssinian and their colorpoint variations. Siberians with "colorpoint is called "Neva Masquerade". Traditional color of Siberian breed is a wild, forest color, called "black tabby".

Tail (10 points) is wide, strong. The coat on the tail is thick and longer.

Condition (5 points) is a healthy, well-groomed cat.

Nature has given to us a magnificent Siberian cat! Siberian cat is a native breed, and it should be so, in my opinion. To preserve the features that give it similarities to the wild animals. It wants to be seen as a large, powerful cat, with a wonderful coat!