Some words of the cattery

We are glad to introduce our Siberian Cattery Manchzhury

Here, on this first page of my cattery's site, I want to tell you about the Siberian cats.

Siberian Cats are large cats, with well-developed coat, compeletely different from the Persian cat. The Siberian cat should have thick legs, strong bones, muscles and relief of a massive head. As the completion of the portrait is a quiet, penetrating even the stern look of amazing emerald eyes.

The National Breed of Russia

Siberian cats is the national breed of Russia. It's a young breed in comparison to many other breeds. The breeding work in Russia began in 1986-1987 and the first Russian official standard for the Siberian cat was written in 1989 by Mrs. Olga Mironova. In spite of the fact that the breed is young, it is gaining an increasing recognition and popularity worldwide. There are already thousands of Siberian cat catteries around the world.

So, why does the Siberian Cat breed conquer the world?

The breed has a delightful combination of power and grace, spiced with tenderness and independence. Good health, a wonderful character, wit and high intelligence are also significant factors for this breed. Though, this is not the complete list of advantages of the Siberian cat, the list can go on forever.

Cat breeding is a hobby which in reality is a hard work!

A cat breeder has to be extremely knowledgeable in order to carry our responsible breeding programme which will contribute to the breed as a whole. Kittens produced as a result of selective matings represent not just their breeder, but Siberian breed in general. So taking them to a cat show and hearing the exclamations of admiration from the judges and visitors is extremely rewarding, rather than hearing phrases like "we saw feral cats looking like these running in the streets". And how much is involved in raising a litter of kittens: from physiology of the cat, its exterior, of what we should strive for, to the laws of genetics (when it is necessary to properly select a pair for optimal type of offspring); from veterinary knowledge (birthing, weaning and dealing with any illnesses) to the level of professional grooming for the cat show. Therefore kittens brought up in the cattery could not cost cheap!!! Very disconcerting question that buyers often ask - whether the kittens use a litter box and eat by themselves? Our kittens receive a lot of handling, especially from one month of age, as soon as they come out of the nursing box. Breeders teach kittens to eat solids on their own. We wean our kittens on special minced meat B.A.R.F. that every owner of a female with the kittens prepares at home from special recipes. It is vital for all kittens and especially show prospects to be socialized from an early age in order to de confident and friendly.

You may ask, what distinguishes our Siberian kittens from the kittens grown in other catteries? Our trademark is the temperament!

We have a large family with three school-age children, a big house, which is often very noisy due to a lot of visitors from relatives and guests. Our kittens are raised as part of our family, they do not get isolated, instead they get involved in all usual household activities. Therefore, without exception, new owners of our kittens, both usual pet lovers, and professional cat breeders note the wonderful temperament of our graduates. We work hard to breed a perfect type of Siberian cat and always strive for the ideal. We exchange breeding material with catteries in Russia and abroad, because breeders often achieve success in something specific: some in coat texture, others in perfect profile and/or head shape, etc… But without going into too many details, we solely believe that Siberian cat should remain large, heavy boned, with a striking wild and at the same time very appealing look, correct the rectangular format and dense semi-longhaired coat. When you see a top quality show Siberian cat you are proud with the fact that it is our Russian breed, our heritage!